We support artists exploring new soundscapes. We help grow your ideas through the production phase, working on the arrangements and the sound, and bring them to life with our expertise on recording, mixing, and mastering. We love discussing with you what works and what does not for your songs: we don’t just hire you a vessel, we jump on board with you. Have a look at some of our productions.

We constantly research technologies and sounds: the warm analog vibes from the old days, and the accurate and flexible digital solutions of today. We know music is made of waves, not stereotypes, so we stay clear from the analog vs digital debate, and embrace both sides of the spectrum with a hybrid setup. The ever growing equipment list is a proof of our openness.

Our philosophy is simple: explore, create, enjoy. And never compromise quality, ever.

Get in Touch

We’d love to discuss about your music and your production needs. You can reach us on facebook, or write us an email. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be super detailed for the first contact, just tell us what you’re after and we will follow up with more detailed questions to refine your needs and make sure we’re on the same page before we sail together!

Equipment List


  • Motu 16A (2)
  • RME ADI-8 DS
  • Pro Tools 12


  • Adam Audio A7X


  • Api 512c (2)
  • Burl Audio B1 (2)
  • Digidesign PRE
  • Universal Audio 4-710d


  • UA 4-710d onboard 1176 style compressors


  • Stereo/MS solid state Pultec [Lundahl output]


  • Aston Origin (2)
  • Audio Technica AT2035
  • Audix i5
  • Electro Voice RE320
  • Electro Voice PL33
  • Neumann TLM 102 (2)
  • Sennheiser MD-421 II
  • Shure SM57 (2)
  • Sontronics STC-2X (2)
  • Sontronics STC-10 (2)

UAD Thunderbolt Quad Satellite accelerator plugins

  • Cambridge EQ
  • DBX160
  • EL7 Fatso
  • EMT 140
  • Fairchild 670
  • Helios 69
  • Lexicon 224
  • Little Labs IBP
  • Moog Filter
  • Precision Bus Compressor
  • Precision De-Esser
  • Precision Enhancer Hz
  • Precision Enhance kHz
  • Precision Maximizer
  • Pultec Passive EQ Collection
  • Roland Dimension D
  • Teletronix LA-2A Leveler Collection
  • Tonelux Tilt EQ
  • 1176 Classic Limiter Collection
  • 610B

Slate Digital plugins

  • VerbSuite Classics
  • Virtual Mix Rack
  • Virtual Tape Machines

Plugin Alliance plugins

  • bx_digital V2
  • bx_limiter
  • bx_meter
  • bx_opto Pedal
  • Elysia alpha compressor
  • Elysia mpressor
  • Elysia nvelope
  • SPL Passeq
  • SPL Transient Designer

Soundtoys plugins

  • Devil-Loc
  • EchoBoy
  • Little AlterBoy
  • Little MicroShift
  • Little PrimalTap
  • Tremolator

MeldaProduction plugins

  • Multi Analyzer
  • Multiband Reverb
  • Vintage Rotary