Our products are the result of a constant exchange between the two of us: Nico’s professional background in electronics and Enrico’s audio engineer expertise, Enrico’s research on shaping new sounds and Nico’s fascination for anything that makes noise.

Our principles

We’re aware we’ve jumped in a crowded market, so we believe it is important to make clear what drives us:

  • build what we need : all our projects originates from a need we have. We test, use, and most importantly play our creations.
  • no buzz words: there is no analog or digital magic, there are circuits and the sounds they make. The magic comes from the interaction between us and machines.
  • signal integrity is a serious thing: We take quite some time to design the guts of our products, and we proudly show these to you. Functional partitioning and layout recommendations from IC vendors might not look cool on Instagram, but they are a guarantee of better signal integrity and optimal working conditions for all components.  Tag boards, spaghetti wires, or hand printed PCBs are great for prototyping, not production!
  • quality materials: we only use high grade electronic components (high precision, low thermal drift) sourced from authorized dealers only.
  • RoHS compliant: because respecting the environment is a must, not an option. And whoever told you tin lead solder gives you better Toanz should be slapped in the face. Seriously.