black swan

ChiralityAudio BlackSwan Distortion Fuzz

Black Swan

The Black Swan is a down-to-the-bone no frills high gain distortion/fuzz designed for those players who are not into fuzzes: defined sound, extended bass frequency response, no harsh treble, no farts.

ChiralityAudio BlackSwan Distortion Fuzz
ChiralityAudio BlackSwan Distortion Fuzz

A combination of gain staging and high performance input buffer make the pedal sound great no matter where it sits in the chain. The internals run on a wider dynamic range than the input to ensure maximum playability and interaction with the instrument controls. The increased headroom is generated internally, so a standard 9V center negative power supply can be used.

Despite its solitary knob, the Black Swan can handle rhythms, thick single notes riffing, singing melodies, and solos, making them growl, scream, or sing, but leaving the nuances of your playing intact.

The last touch is an algorithmically generated graphic for the front panel. It means that we did not draw it. We created a small system with some simple rules and a few hundred particles, and left it evolve and regenerate itself until we got something we liked.

Absolutely unnecessary. Hauntingly fascinating.

Tonal palette

  • One knob doesn’t mean one trick pony. From stoner to modern blues, the Black Swan will handle whatever you throw at it: chunky rhythms, thick single notes riffing, singing melodies, and solos!
  • Great intelligibility: whether you’re playing complex voicing chords or super fast shred solos, the Black Swan will leave intact all the nuances of your playing
  • Great low frequency response: plug your bass, baritone guitar, 7 string or detuned guitar into the Black Swan, we promise a huge and growly tone!
  • No harsh treble: we voiced the Black Swan to keep presence and clarity without those fizzy highs. Stay clear in the mix!
  • Interacts well with the instrument: clean your tone by just rolling down the guitar volume, and still get a precise representation of the instrument
  • Works great in combination with ambient effects, making it a great choice for shoegaze and post-rock sounds with doomy distortions
  • LOUD, LOUD, LOUD: turn the knob past noon to unleash the beast

What’s inside

  • Not a traditional fuzz: gain staging and a high performance input buffer let you place this pedal anywhere in the chain, there are no rules, just your choices. You will get reliable tones with different instruments and pickups, no matter where the effect sits
  • Wide dynamic range provides a better transient response and handles line level signals (+4 dBu). The higher headroom gives more control over your playing with either low or high impedance pickups/drivers (or drum machines, just saying)
  • Standard center negative 9V power supply: the increased headroom is generated internally, so you don’t need a dedicated output on the power supply. It’s 9V everywhere on your pedalboard!
  • True bypass switching implemented with a dedicated PCB: no hand wired footswitch!
  • High grade electronic components (high precision, low thermal drift) – Neutrik jacks, WIMA capacitors – sourced from authorized dealers only.

I use Black Swan for both live and recording. Sounds great on the bass.

Niels Kinsella

God Is An Astronaut



  • Power supply: 9V DC center negative (Boss style) – never connect higher voltages!
  • Current draw: 22 mA max
  • Input impedance: greater than 1 MOhm
  • Output impedance: less than 150 Ohm
  • Input level: accepts +4dBu line level
  • Effect switching: true bypass
  • Pedalboard footprint: 122 x 66 mm